Split System Air Conditioners

Split System Air Conditioners

Advanced Cooling

Samsung air conditioners are designed to help you to enrich your life. Innovative cooling technology that cools you down fast, and the advanced filter system helps make your environment more comfortable. Discover a different way of life that is cool, fresh and convenient with Samsung air conditioners.

Control your climate with intelligent Samsung technology

The Samsung GEO split air conditioning system is designed to offer intelligent airflow control. It helps you maintain your comfort level, providing efficiency and reliability to deliver amazing performances.

Reliable Performance

Reliability is a key factor when choosing an air conditioning system. Samsung air conditioners offer robust design and reliability to ensure consistent performance.

GEO AR5500

Our innovative technology cools down fast in summer, and warms your space quickly in winter.

The advanced filter system helps make your environment more comfortable.

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AI Auto Cooling

Automatically optimises your cooling setting by analysing your usage pattern.

Experience an intelligent way of living with AI Auto Cooling.* To help make life simple and efficient, it can automatically optimise the various modes by analysing the room conditions and your usage patterns.** Based on your preferred temperature and the outside temperature, it automatically switches to the most appropriate mode, including Wind-Free™, Fast and Normal Cooling, to help you to maintain the optimal room conditions and to help keep you feeling comfortable.

*Wi-Fi enabled control requires a wireless router. Internet connection required, data charges may apply.

**Stores user data, and usage pattern to suggest the most suitable setting option.

NEW Wind-Free Cooling

Stay comfortably cool with minimal direct wind.

This mode is designed to cool gently and quietly to minimise the unpleasant feeling of cold wind on your skin, as it disperses air through 23,000 micro air holes. Its advanced airflow structure also means it cools a wider and larger area more evenly.

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DuraFin™ Plus

Outdoor copper fin is made of corrosion-resistant material designed to protect from rusting.