What Size Split System do I need?

Room Size Range Capacity Model code
9 – 16m2 2.5kW F-AR09KSFTAWQ1
16 – 24m2 3.5kW F-AR12KSFTAWQ1
24 – 34m2 5.0kW F-AR18KSFTAWQ1
34 – 46m2 6.8kW F-AR24KSFTAWQ1
46 – 54m2 8.0kW F-AR30KSFTAWQ1
  • This information should be used as a guide only.
  • There are many variables that will affect the requirements of your air conditioning, such as orientation, usage, dimensions, construction materials, insulation, equipment, etc.
  • Capacity and area information are general guides only and may vary from different install conditions. You should obtain professional advice from qualified air conditioning installers for suitable capacity recommendations.